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We have been looking at used pairs, and see a wide range of asking prices. Does anyone know of a website that would give the book value of a rowing shell based on age, condition, and maker? thanks Deb

-- Deb Roberts (, October 24, 2003


Interesting thought, but there is no such "Blue Book" type of site. Unlike cars, the value of a shell is highly dependent on the exact condition of the shell. While I can look at the mileage on a car and assess the wear and tear on the vehicle, there is no such equivalent for a rowing shell. A shell that was purchased and stored in a rack for 10 years is worth pretty much what was paid for it. A shell that was rowed 10 miles a day in a club program for a year is worth much less than what was paid for it.

-- Doug Kidder (, October 24, 2003.

That makes sense Doug. Interesting that I have seen more than one add for a used shell, saying the asking price was a percentage under book value. Wonder where they came up with that....

-- Deb Roberts (, October 25, 2003.

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