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Has anyone used the 'Afred D'Augerge Piano Course' method books. (Also the corresponding Note Speller books)

I haven't seen ANY mention of these methods books.

My 6 yr old child is starting beginning piano lessons and her teacher uses these books.

Also, would it confuse my child if I also purchased the Faber piano adventure books for her to look at on her own (ie, we would also review these faber books, ON OUR OWN, as supplements to the required D'Augerge books)?

Please share your thoughts and experience with these method books.


-- b pat (, October 24, 2003


Years ago I used Alfred dAuberge briefly, just the first couple of levels. If I recall correctly, they moved along fairly slowly, using the middle C approach to reading, which would probably be good for a young beginner. I mostly use Faber now--Faber's approach combines middle C with landmark, interval and position reading. I think which series the teacher uses isn't as important as consistency between the lesson and home practice. I hope the teacher is giving her enough to do without requiring you to supplement, especially without the teacher's knowledge. (No, I'm not a control freak ^-^, I just like to know how and what my students are practicing at home.) If you are familiar with Faber and like it, you could talk to the teacher about it--she may have good reason for her choice of material. If you are comfortable with her choice, and the quality of her teaching, your child will probably benefit more from your help and support with her assignments than with extra work you give her to do.

-- anon1 (, October 24, 2003.

I have been using the Alfred d'Auberge method for over 10 years and I love it! The Note Spellers are a great way to reinforce the concepts that the students are learning in their "Songbook" and I find that they learn the concepts a lot faster than I did when I started learning piano 22 years ago. I only had the Songbook, no Note Speller, and it took me a long time to make it through one Songbook. My students can usually get through a book, learning all the concepts and playing wonderful music, in about a year- if they put the time in to practice and apply themselves. I love it because they are making music and playing real "songs" right off the bat.

-- Tabitha Hanks (, July 23, 2004.

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