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I am looking for a working Proto 2000 HO scale 0-8-0 in SOuthern. Can any one help?

-- Greg (, October 23, 2003


I do not have one that is already decorated for Southern but I have an undecorated but painted unit that only needs the decals applied. Champ Decals are what I was planning to use but never got around to it. The USRA 0-8-0's (I actually have two) that I am speaking about are new in the box - They have never even been on a test track. The units are black with a silver/graphite smoke & fireboxes. I bought the units new and while I was waiting for the new Soundtraxx Decoder and the decals to come together I bought a brass units instead. I do not recall what I paid for them but it would probably be in the order of 20% off retail and all I would be looking to do is get my money back out of them. If you are interested let me know & I'll find the old receipt sell 'em for what I paid.

-- Mitch Oldham (, August 25, 2004.

I was just on a yahoo user group called (the)Backshop and there is a posting from a guy named Donald Yelverton - Dated Fri Aug 27, 2004 who is selling 2 SRR # 1880 Proto 0-8-0's for $175.00 each. I don't know anything about him or if the units have been used or not but it sounds like he may have a better match for you than I do.

Good Luck, Mitch Oldam

-- Mitch Oldham (, August 27, 2004.

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