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It's a fact that what ever you do on the internet, you must bring traffic to your site. There are many reports, courses and ebooks written about internet marketing. Many of them are offering a magic or secret formula for quick and permanent traffic flow to you site.

But the truth is a little different. As you know the internet changes every day and the promotional methods and tactics change as well. The promotional techniques that worked a few years ago are more or less useless today.

But there is an efficient tool you can use with no limitations : YOUR EZINE

An ezine is an electronic newsletter sent out by email at intervals of your choice to a list of subscribers. You must choose a topic for your ezine such as marketing, gardening, travels, etc. An Ezine can and should contain lots of helpful information and resources (related to the topic) for your subscribers. This is their reason to subscribe to your list. On the other hand, an Ezine is very important to your business because you may promote your product trough its content. This is your reason to run an ezine.

Shortly: If you owe an online business or you're going to owe one in the future, you must publish an ezine.

The good news is I can teach you all you need to publish your ezine in 4 weeks or less

Just let me know you're ready to start

Thank you for reading this mail John

-- Publisher John (, October 22, 2003

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