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Thought I'd check in with some of the links I currently have up for our new MV Section... the product page will be the last to go up as we are putting together an exclusive product line..

Intro page is at The How-To section is up at Some may be of interest.. some not... but it's a beginning. If anyone has something they would like to contribute... I'd be glad to link to it or help with a web page...

Lots of cool things are imminent... Racing peg prototypes are in transit from the UK.. Rearsets are being designed by an "artist" rather than the fugly options on the market..lots more than I don't want to talk about yet..

Getting lots of comments about the rear lighting mods... Had the bike in for 600 mile service last week in Charlotte.. 3 of the staff came up to me and said.. "We've seen a lot of people "attempt" lighting enhancements on one of these.. yours is the "cleanest." Made me feel damn good as it took about 7 hours to get it all right. While there they installed the Ferrachi Risers and while I was skeptical after seeing that "visually" there appears to be almost ZERO difference.. riding is so much better. I can ride twice as long and it almost feels.. dare I say... comfy... Well worth the $$. Also picked up a shop manual.. one of the best I have seen.. especially when compared to BMW manuals...

Service guy said that I had a small coolant leak, but I've yet to see a single drop. They tell me I'll have to come back when the parts come in to fix it.. Gauge says everything is cool, so to speak.

Friend of mine just purchased a Brutale so as I now have access to the bike I can which of our upcoming F4 products will cross over... I'm stoked...Glad to be a part of the group here. Now that I have the radar detector installed I can do a little more serious riding... Been in the conservative mode without one...

Later.. ride fast.. brake hard..

-- Pirate (, October 20, 2003

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