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I sure most of you will have no trouble with this , but here goes ...........I have a 12 volt relay , this relay when you look at the legs has 8 legs, two postioned north , south the other 6 east west. So I have a switch that when this switch is pushed will allow for , two actavations , such as a lock unlocking then a door opening. What I need to know is how to wire the relay were is power were is neg? where do the switches connect??????????

-- bob smith (, October 20, 2003


Pins 3 and 4 go to negative and positive leads of the power supply, respectively.

Note: if the pins are not numbered, pin 1 will be the first pin counterclockwise from some kind of notch they would put on the relay. pin 2 would be the next one over and so on...

The rest of the wiring depends on what u wanna do with the device and whether this is a double poled relay. If it is a double poled relay, it can actually be used to control the operation of the 4 instruments (although they do not act independently).

For example, you have A, B, C and D controlled by your relay, C and D will only come on if A and B have gone off...

Cheers, this probably does'nt help much but goodluck. No bomb building please.

-- Pierre (, October 20, 2003.

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