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How do you plan on informing the public about freeing the selfish conscience if society has bigger problems to worry about? I am a big fan and like your styles and emotional effort in your artwork. I have never found music to the caliber at which your crews preform. I too dont discriminate music because we should borrow and share from earth's creative expression we call music and this means all forms. I am a big praxis fan and I have been spreading your word ever since ive become a fan. You are a modern god, and i feel that society as a whole would really enjoy your music , but ppl havent experienced other worlds within our minds to be able to be comfortable with your craziness. thank you, i owe you my life. peace eric

-- eric d ziebart (, October 20, 2003


Will somebody, please tell me when. Why, where, how, and another thing shift in perception. When and how do you expect others to listen to your words. Since you are mainly instrumental. When are others going to even free their mind? Somebody, but hopefully Bill will grace these answers. I know where you stand but are you willing to help the cause..People do want change the just dont know how to do it>>> peace

-- toninol (, October 27, 2003.

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