Specific RW recipe for sub-C nicad cells

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Can anyone on this forum provide one or two specific recipes, or at least starting points (force, time, current) for spot welding interconnect straps to nicad cells to build/repair battery packs? I'm an electrical engineer trying to develop a DIY method for this common problem. I believe the following specific recipes will suffice: 1. weld a .025x.25 SS strap to the end of a cell. 2. weld a .025x.25 nickel strap to the the end of a cell. 3. weld two .025./25 strap ends together. Thanks in advance, Bob Jenness

-- Bob Jenness (jennessr@traci.net), October 18, 2003


Bob- The tabs are almost always made out of either 1/4 hard nickel or nickel plated steel. Tabs in general cannot be thicker than .005", although some success has been achieved up to .010", although projections or slot designs are usually in those instances. A complete development procedure has been documented, and is on our website, here is the link: http://www.unitekequipment.com/res_tech/pdf/BatteryNugget.pdf Good Luck, Kurt Tolliver, Unitek Miyachi Corp.

-- Kurt Tolliver (Kurt@unitekmiyachi.com), October 18, 2003.

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