which oil to use?

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there isnt any AGIP oils where I am at. Which would be a better substitute, motul full synthetic 15w/50 or 10w/40?

-- AP (themosthated1@hotmail.com), October 18, 2003


I use pennzoil GT racing 0/60. always try to get the same sae rating oil as specified by MV Austa which i think is 10/60.

The 10 is for cold starting temperatures you can go lower but never go higher. The 60 is for hot running temp you should try to keep the same sae rating for this as when your engines hot and revving the lubrication system is designed for this viscosity. Going lower or higher can damge your engine "don't risk it!!" Good luck Bret

-- Bret (rat@paradise.net.nz), October 19, 2003.

MV reccomend 10/60 which is hard to come by,i use Motul 15/60 fully synthetic which i think is OK

-- mike tilston (mike@tilston00.fsnet.co.uk), October 19, 2003.

Since many years I use Mobil Racing 4T on my Ducatis and now also on my MV. Lower temp, very smooth gearbox, great oil....


-- Valerio Starace (vstarace@bluewin.ch), October 14, 2004.

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