Got a whole lot of parts for sale-side panels ,belly pan etc : LUSENET : MV Agusta F4 : One Thread

hey guys ive still got the following for sale: L & R SIDE PANELS $350 BELLY PAN $160 RADIATORS $300 UNDER TANK COVERS $100 CARBON AIRBOX COVERS $100 NEW CARBON FIBRE FRONT FENDER $180 Complete Swing arm $1200.00 2 Rear wheels $600 each(one stock the other totally hand polished) SWING ARM AND REAR WHEEL $1600.00 FRONT FORKS $800 FRONT FORKS WITH TRIPLE CLAMPS and STABLIZER US$1200 TRIPLE CLAMPS(top and bottom and eccentric in top clamp $400.00 GAS TANK AND AIR BOX with FUEL PUMP $700 COILS US$150.00 Front wheel with rotors $500 EXHAUST middle pipes $80.00 Complete engine(with fuel injection, ECM AND WIRING, radiator fans,and thermostat for radiator) $1700.00 (1600 miles) HEADLIGHT FAIRING $250 MONO TAIL FAIRING $250 LEFT SIDE CLIP_ON, handlebar, lever, reservoir and bar end(complete)$250.00 RIGHT MIRROR $100 EVERY THING I HAVE IS IN mint condition. I can send you pics if you wish. Thanks, NIGEL.

-- nigel commissiong (, October 17, 2003


Im sorry, i forgot to mention too that i have a set of Mv PERFORMANCE CARBON FIBRE TAIL PIPES $700 with the accompanying EPROM chip $600 without the chip HEADLIGHT $500.00 and finally,SIDE PLATES THAT ATTACH TO YOU FRAME $300 Thanks gentlemen, let me know what you need.

-- nigel commissiong (, October 17, 2003.

In witch condition are the side panels. I want to see some pics. Thanks

-- Steven Roten (, October 18, 2003.

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