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does anybody knows a litle about Inverted i/o on lcb2 ... any guys from Berlin here ? why do wiring changes on the remote station ? troll Paris

-- charles (, October 15, 2003


more info required on what your problem is. do you mean high or low i/o's and what they mean also when you say LCB 2 do you otis?

-- mole (, October 17, 2003.

RE: Inverted I/Os

Charles I know you mean OTIS LCBII I.e. MCS120 / MCS220. Like Mole, i'm not sure exactly what you mean. Are you talking about the 110VAC Level converters on Inputs connector P7 & the output drivers on P6? The 110 Volt input level converters are a Hybrid circuit, which are not easily repaired without unsightly modifications. I don't think that you can purchase the hybrid boards from OTIS & unless you attempt a repair yourself, the cost of repairs in a workshop, would probably be equal to the cost of a NEW LCBII print from LCL in London. The output triacs can be replaced & purchased at almost any electronics parts shop for a few euros each. The circuits are normally explained in detail on the original contract diagrams, though it is possible someone has removed the page you require. I'm sure Mole can help you with a copy of that circuit?

Best regards,

PS: Are you stil using HyperAccess as an SVT emulator? If so you should change it to Tigerterm: download all the background files first, so you have the session file & buttons macro.


-- Frank (, October 20, 2003.

thanks Mole ! thanks Frank ! this is not a big problem ! i was talking about the Otis lcb2 ... and the Remote station ... we are used to put the 30vdc on the input of the remote station to activate the remote ...( Hall button , DOL , DCL , ... ) but in the wiring of my cabinet something new appear with the Dob (reopening ) and only the Dob .. it s activated with the Hl 2 ... i just talked about this cos i have never seen this before ... my question was about inverted i/o ( in the RSL ) this appear on my courses ... i ve never used this ... they says the i/o can be reversed . what is it made for ? i do otis ... but i 'm still not the Big Otis tech ... sorry Frank you r e too strong ! lol thanks ! take care !

-- charles (, October 21, 2003.

RE: Response to inverted i / o

Hi Charles

Generally all 30V outputs are active low & switched to the HL2 line. Inputs can be either changed with the service tool to active high or low or via a relay interface.

The inputs can generally be re-configured with a service tool to switch either low or high, depending on the specific application required. You can monitor the signals changing state with the service tool by entering the inputs menu. Press the UP button & the top line of the display will tell you what group of inputs you are monitoring.

As for your specific note on the Dob, It could have been done for various reasons, I.e. type of equipment, addition of a button with no pre-configured remote station address etc. Control Circuits can be different from job to job & especially modifications, these generally change from the original circuit design because the person who carried out the modifications had a different understanding or missinterpretation of that circuit.

I think perhaps Mole is the better person, to offer you information on programming the remote station I/O's. He has more experience than me on this matter, I may confuse you with my interpretation.

Best regards,


-- Frank (, October 22, 2003.

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