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i seem to have blown the rear wheel bearing at a recent track day. at least i assume that's what it is -- the rear wheel flexes wildly around its pivot, even though all of the fasteners are tight. apparently, you cannot purchase just the bearing from MV, you have to buy the whole eccentric unit for $$$. my shop advised me that, if i could remove the bearing myself, that it might be an off-the-shelf standard bearing. so my questions are:

has anyone removed the rear wheel bearings -- how do i disassemble the eccentrics to do so?

does anyone know what the bearing part number is?

has this happened to anyone else?


-- lindsay gupton (, October 15, 2003


Have a look at think under technical there is a list of the part numbers you need to order the bearings from a bearing dealer

-- mike tilston (, October 15, 2003.


I have now 40 000 km on the counter and I experienced your case altready twice. The first time 5000 km ago, due to the high clearance on the rear wheel, the 2 bearings had to be replaced. You can find those in the SKF the Swedisch supplier's catalogue.

The second failure was due to the fact that the eccentric had too much clearance (probably already since quite some time but not seen at the first bearing replacement)which caused the bearings to fail very rapidly. Unfortuanately I stopped too late and had the whole system ruined included the rear brake disc.

I had the same accident on my Ducati 916. It is a weak point of the design. Rumours are that MV wants now to replace the whole eccentric system every 24 000 hours, which would be an expensive planned maintenance.

I am afraid you will have to replace the whole system....

Replace also already the front bearings (SKF).

good luck.


-- patrick maes (, October 16, 2003.

I need the SKF parts numbers

-- Maximo Diaz (, October 16, 2003.

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