What are/were the best times of your life so far? what are the worst? Why are they the best and worst?

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What are the best times of your life so far? What are the worst? Why are they the best and worst?

-- Link Schrew (link@hotmail.com), October 14, 2003


I've realized that no one can really give you happiness. If you are satisfied and happy with yourself, even if you're not perfect, it is truly a blessing. A couple of years ago, I was doing very poorly in school, no one paid attention to me, and I had a crush on a jerk who broke my heart and backstabbed me repeadedly. Girls hated me and backbit me also, but you know what? Through it all, I didn't give a shit because I was happy enough with myself to know that I didn't need those people. All I needed was myself, and that grass isn't always greener on the other side like I thought it was. Even people that I envied, or who envied me and tried to convince me that I was unimportant, I realized didn't have as much as I thought they had. They, too, along with every other human being on this earth, had problems. I didn't care at all, and it seemed as though people knew that, and would get depressed over it. However, now, a lot of things worry me, like a particular person who honestly has hurt me, that I wouldn't have let hurt me before. I guess I just gotta love myself like I did before and stop depending on other people's approval. I have to approve myself. The days when i didn't care were the best, and the happiest. Nowadays, things aren't so great.

-- Always Martin (always@yahoo.com), October 14, 2003.

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