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I have my veena in Bangalore, India and would like to bring it with me when i go next. Does anyone know of any music store who packages the veena in Bangalore or Chennai so that I can check it in as one of my baggage??

-- sruti (, October 14, 2003


sruti, Most musical instrument store in B'lore/chennai now carry/make a box with wheels. for details pl. contact them via email.

-- meena (, October 15, 2003.

hi sruti,

rather than carrying ur veena to U.S, u can contact the organisations in ur locality. keep track of any veena concerts. most of the performers in U.S sell off their veena there itself after their round trip. recently (i heard, i am not sure of) bamboo folders are being made in chennai for transporting veena. check it out with some musicals (website).

regards, Aarthi

-- Aarthi (, October 21, 2003.

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