oil leak?????

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I have a 2002 Agusta . Are you experiencing oil leaking that runs down the side fairing?

-- Johnny sticcino (shadowchaszzer@earthlink.net), October 12, 2003


I had that problem after a service that required the valve cover to come off. The gasket was slightly pinched and oil spewed from the left side. You will have to pin-point it's source by looking carefully.

-- greg petersen (gntpete@nvbell.net), October 13, 2003.

Where is the oil on your fairing exactly? I also have an '02.

I've had nasty black streaks on the left lower side fairing but it is chain lube coming down from the countershaft sprocket and flowing down to the kickstand base and then out across the lower fairing. Although the lube I use is clean my mechanic is fond of a far messier solution. Just three services but I haven't ever gotten rid of all of his chain goop. Whenever it's especially warm, wet or has been running a long day his old lube starts getting viscous and streaks out.

One, possibly less complicated possibility?

Good luck and please let us know how it turned out.


-- James (jamesacorell@hotmail.com), October 14, 2003.

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