on November 15th 2003

AWAKENING @ The GLOBE THEATER 1599 Memorial Drive, Atlanta GA

doors open and roll call begins at 8:30pm Party starts at 9:00pm and goes till 6:00am

SUNDAE MASS starts at 5:00am till.

We present SUNDAE MASS. What is SUNDAE MASS you ask? This is where we bring in the soulful flavor of house mixed in with free ice cream (and all the toppings) to give you a playful ending to one hell of a night! Chill and be chilled!

We are proud to bring you the first time it has ever been done in ATLANTA. A TAG SET between DB & DARA! Yeah you read this right. The two masters of Drum and Bass will tag it up and bring you what is guaranteed to be a once in a life time show of pure skill mixed with the phattest tracks. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

DB - Breakbeat Science - NYC

Arriving in New York from London in '89, it could be said that no one has done more for Drum & Bass in America than DB. First with his hardcore Breakbeat club NASA, then by launching Sme communications and releasing the first Jungle singles and compilations in the U.S, as well as signing DJ Dara, thus kick starting his artist career. He and Dara then opened Breakbeat Science, dedicated to Drum & Bass, It quickly become not only the most respected record store and label, but also the very epicenter of the jungle community in the U.S. Having recently released "10", his tenth mix CD in ten years, he is now working on an artist album with DJ Stakka, focusing on the more musical side of the genre, which as a DJ, is what DB has become best loved for.

DARA - - Moonshine - NYC

Since his first record release in 1995, Dara has produced a string of highly successful singles and remixes as well as his 1997 full-length debut "Halfway Home (sm-e communications) has been a huge critical and commercial success. As a result from both his successful DJing and recording endeavors, Dara has become one of the most recognizable faces on the US drum 'n' bass scene. He has been featured in countless magazine appearances and interviews both in the US and worldwide. Breakbeat Science is not only his label, but it is also the first and biggest drum 'n' bass store, co-founded by Dara. Dara has done an array of remixes including on singles from DJ's such as Keoki, Pizzicato Five, Dog Eat Dog, Black Nostaljack and Afrika Bambaata. With the recent eruption of Drum and Bass in the U.S., DJ Dara isn't going anywhere. There is no telling what kind of damage his next endeavors might do.


Spacemen have been rocking dance floors all across North America with their unique brand of acid fused intelligent breaks, cosmic house, and hypnotizing trance. Along with a mind boggling interactive 3d live show that is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Headlining clubs and festivals across the U.S., Spacemen have continued to blow minds anywhere they touch down. Composed of musicians and ever revolving troop of performance artists, Spacemen incorporate state of the art technology into their live performance that only a group from another realm could do. Doing all this is what makes them one of the most sought after groups in the World. Get ready to be amazed!

FREAKY FLOW and MC FLIPSIDE - 'The Envy' CD Release World Tour - Topaz Records, - - Toronto Canada

FREAKY FLOW - Topaz Records, Canada

Freaky Flow, originally from Philadelphia, PA, moved with his family to Toronto before reaching four years of age. He first took a serious interest in music at the age of eleven, mesmerized by soul jazz, garage house, and hiphop. Four years later, he purchased his first set of turntables and started spinning hiphop. Flow, transferred his knowledge of hiphop into this new, captivating music. He found that scratching and cutting had unique properties in accompaniment with jungle. Now Freaky Flow plays on a regular basis at major events throughout Canada, the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, and most recently England. Freaky Flow is known as one of the most versatile and technically skilled producer/DJ's in North America, and still labeled ‘Toronto's Jungle Scratchmaster’ by promoters, producers, and partygoers alike. Swarms of partiers may consistently be found huddled around the DJ booth when Flow is on the decks, watching his every move

MC FLIPSIDE Topaz Records, Toronto, Canada

MC Flipside began reciting rhymes prior to birth, while still in his mothers whomb. During high school, Flipside became enveloped by all facets of electronic music, ranging from techno to house to breakbeat to jungle. The latter he found he could speak over best as it was the closest in speed and bass to the hip hop that he had original fallen in love with. Currently, Flip works professionally as a radio annoucer. his various radio shows featured guests like Josh Wink, Nigel Richards, King Britt, M.C.G.Q., Swan-E, Johnny L., Keoki, and Roger Sanchez, just to name a few. This praised MC frequents major events throughout Canada, the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, and most recently England. Flip's main focus is rockin' the microphone. Such is why Flipside has quickly became (arguably) the most sought after North American DnB contingent in the World. With such impeccable beats and rhymes that he projects, it's no wonder why!


Trip Theory is back once again to rock THE GLOBE THEATRE!!! DJ Trip and DJ Subliminal got a brand new kick ass show with a lot of new kick ass beats (MIAMI STYLE). All we gotta say is "they got the bass that quakes and they'll be kickin the breaks for your face". Miss it and you'll regret it.

MC ARMANNI - Substitution - 5sighted - Metalheadz - Gasm - MMI

Raised in Chester, Pa., David became a Hip-Hop based street poet. From the school lunch-tables to various house parties, he spoke and dropped his freestyles and lyrical compositions for nothing more then respect and credibility. Over the years he walked through small competitions and remained “Cipher Champion” on one of Philadelphia's hottest radio stations, Philly 103.9. This was the beginning of the hunger. Within the last two years ARMANNi\REIGN has acquired a love, and gathered more of an understanding for all types of music. While keeping his roots in Hip-Hop he is intrigued by Drum and Bass, and most importantly, its emcees. He studied the deliveries of names like MC Foxy, Dub2, and J-Messinian to understand the format and develop a style of his own. His skills have been recognized by most of the world including the MetalHeadz who have asked him to MC for the next tour. This master is sure to get the party going!

Tickets go on sale this Friday SEPTEMBER 19th

$5 @ door for first 50 people in line $15 advance $20 @ door b4 12 midnight $25 @ door after 12 midnight - receive $5 off of midnight ticket with valid proof of 'In the Gruv' event at the Atrium

Special VIP tickets will be sold as well. Proceeds to benefit charity.

This event WILL sell out so PLEASE buy tickets in advance at

Extra sound will be brought in along with visuals, lasers, and THE PHATTEST LOCAL DJ's.


From the north (Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Kentucky): Take 75 south to Downtown Atlanta, Exit I-20 east, then Exit 60B (Moreland Ave North), Go right at the first stop light (Memorial Dr.), The Globe Theatre will be 1/2 mile down on the right.

From the north (South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia): Take 85 south to Downtown Atlanta, Exit I-20 east and follow the above directions.

From the south (Montgomery, Pensacola, New Orleans, Mobile): Take 85 north to I-20 east, the follow the above directions.

From the south (Macon, Florida): Take 75 north to I-20 east and then follow the above directions.

From the west (Birmingham, Mississippi): Take I-20 east to Atlanta and follow the above directions from I-20.

From the east (Augusta): Take I-20 west, Exit 60B (Moreland Ave. North), Go righ off the exit, Go right at the first stop light (Memorial Dr.) The Globe Theatre will be 1/2 mile down on the right

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2003


I will be there. This event sounds like it is going to be the bomb. Anyone else going?

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2003

Yeah I will be there, are whole crew is going. I can't wait personnaly. We havent sen a massive in quite some time so this will be great.


-- Anonymous, November 06, 2003

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