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Dear Gentlemen,

I'm an importer of the roasted coffees from Italy, Torino. Brilliant quality ,besides of it.Prices are also very good. Before I forget, I'm a russian (if you don't mind) and my company is in St.Petersburg, Russia.Despite of it, I wish to find reliable partners for the fair trading in Europe or anywhere.Probably someone will find this message in the bottle and I'll be very grateful to everyone for his answer.I beg your pardon for my lame English. But I hope you'll get it in general.Best wishes.Regards. Vlad

-- vlad ionin (, October 10, 2003


Dear, Sir

In the beginning we do like to introduce our selves, as one of the biggest Yemeni coffee suppliers in the area, since 1920.

And we would like to establish a well good business with your steamed company.

Yemen coffee, considered as one of the most generous coffee in the world, coffee agriculture in Yemen, is one of the main and important agriculture products, and economic resources for the country.

The Yemen coffee planted in the medal between the coast and the heights, the height of the places where the coffee planted is around 1800 feet, upon a sea level.

And the total Yemen coffee area cultivated is a round 32.32 Hectare.

The annual coffee production around 11.283 tan

And our availability from the finest Yemen coffee is around 30 – 40 tans monthly, and could be more, all depend on your inquiries and demand.

Below we are showing the Yemeni finest coffee that we can offer it to you: -

Mattari 2. Yafa’i 3. Ismaily 4. Odainy 5. Harazi (Sana’ani) 6. Haimi 7. Hoary 8. Ansi

9. Hamadi 10. Khawlani

And we got a quality certificate from the experts Mr. Kenneth David, from USA

Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated

Thanking you for your kind attention, and for any further information, please feel free.

Best regards,

Yours faithfully

Abdullah A.Abdulmajid

Telfax: 00967 1 213350

Telfax: 00967 1 218509


P.O.Box: 14082


--------------------------------------------------------------------- ---

-- ABDULLAH AHMED (, November 12, 2003.

Hi, my name is Roberto Ramos, I am hoping to do business with any coffee buyer around the world. Moara is Premium Brazilian Coffee, using 100% Arabic beans. Sophisticated roasting and packaging technology also ensures the highest quality of our coffee. (tons). homepage:

Thank you.

-- Roberto Ramos dos Santos (, January 05, 2004.

Dear Vlad, Our best wishes for the new year. I would like to inform you that our company is now looking for Russian roasted coffee buyer. Effectively, we export excellent quality of rosted coffee from Madagascar. We put on sale various form of which, as customers need, with high technological packaging. Our coffee is ready for export by container 20 feet which must hold around 10Tonnes of packed roasted coffee. I would like to offer you our product. Could you please send me your corporate name, address, telephone number, fax, mail home page, speciality, turn over and an estimate of how many tonnes or containers would you like to order. For further information you may contact me by mail Looking forward to hearing from you soon, I remain, Sincerly yours. Hervé Patrick R. NB: Ia mogy govorit po Ruski

-- Hervé Patrick R. (, January 21, 2004.

I can suply you with one of the best coffee's in the world, we are located in Central America, as you know we produce one of the finest coffee. We offer you even instant coffee. Best Regards Ricardo Hurtado

-- Ricardo Hurtado (, June 28, 2004.

We are coffee manufacturer catering to the needs of Indian People. We can supply the required quqntity. Please contact for further information

-- chandrashekarappa (, July 22, 2004.

Good day,

I am looking to import coffee to South Africa or be an agent for a company representing in the southern African counries.

Regards Francois Doman

-- Francois Doman (, January 18, 2005.

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