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Help me out please, those of you with CG time tables. I need to know the published departure and arrival time(s) of the MOW at both Terminal Station and also in Columbus circa 1952. What was the published rail mileage-Atlanta to Columbus? What was the usual motive power....E units...A or AB? Thanks!

-- Greg Hodges (, October 08, 2003


Thanks David & Tom. I am penning a short piece for a local rail newsletter about my long ago 'first' train journey, and wanted to make sure I had my 'stats' right.

-- Greg Hodges (, October 09, 2003.

In addition to the E7A units, there is documentation of the MOW being handled by the steam generator equipped RS-3s (147-150) and GP7s (120- 123).

-- David Payne (, October 08, 2003.

From Public Timetable 96 April 27, 1952 #17 lv Cols 8:00a ar Atl 10:45a #20 lv Atl 11:30a ar Cols 2:15p #19 lv Cols 3:00p ar Atl 5:45p #18 lv Atl 6:45p ar Cols 9:30p

Notes: Equipment - Man O' War Trains 17, 18, 19, 20 - Diesel powered, air-conditioned coach streamliner. Seats reserved for white passengers. Club car serving food and refreshments. Maid service.

Published rail mileage: 117

Usual motive power: single E7A

CG had no B units.

Consist was usually an RPO-Baggage and the four MOW cars. The RPO- Baggage may have been painted aluminum with shadow lining to match the Budd cars.

-- David Payne (, October 08, 2003.


In 1952, the Man o'War made two round trips each day between Columbus and Atlanta. Train 17 left Columbus at 7:30 AM and arrived in Atlanta at 10:20 AM. It departed Atlanta at 11:10 AM as Train 20 and arrived back in Columbus at 2:05 PM. Train 19 left Columbus at 3:00 PM, arriving in Atlanta at 5:55 PM. The final leg was Train 18 leaving Atlanta at 6:55 PM and arriving in Columbus at 9:45 PM. Sometime in 1956 the schedule was reduced to a single round-trip. The usual power was a single E7, but there were occasions when a freight unit would lead the E7. I have photos of F3s, RS3s, GP7s and GP9s all leading the Man o'War, but the single E7 was most typical in 1952. After The Flamingo was discontinued in 1963, the MOW picked up the extra head-end traffic often resulting in two E7s for power. Central of Georgia did not roster any B-units. The rail mileage was 117 between Atlanta and Columbus.

-- Tom Alderman (, October 08, 2003.

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