Halifax want 26k!

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I had my flat repossesed in Jan 1998 by Halifax - I bought the flat in 1993/4 for 33k. They sold it for 15k later in 1998 (May, I think). In July of 2003 I got a letter from Henderson, Booth and Snell acting on behalf of the Halifax, demanding 26k shortfall. I have no savings, and no disposable income - I (well, my wife) have had 3 kids since 1996 & my wife does not work (she was not on the mortgage).


I have SARNed H,B&S, and am awaiting a response from my Halifax SARN. If anyone could help me with the following, I would be grateful;

1) what amount do you think they would accept as a lump sum settlement (assuming I could raise some cash).

2) On the SARN info from H,B&S, there was a note on one of the printouts saying "Other Information: PROCEED WITH CAUTION AS NO FILE AVAILABLE"... I know I'm just getting my hopes up but - could this be as good as it sounds?

3) I have lived at my current address for 4 years but they have chosen not to contact me... is it any co-incidence that they left it until 6 months before the CML time limit was up before contacting me.

Of course, it goes without saying that I have not acknowledged any debt, and have included "Without Predjudice" on all my letters.

Any help rec'd with many many thanks,


-- Quentin Kozma (quentin@kozma.fsworld.co.uk), October 08, 2003


Response to Halifax want £26k!

My answers to your three questions:

1) For what it's worth, our lender, citibank, settled for 5% of what they originally demanded. 2) This does indeed sound intriguing - but wait and see what the sarn turns up. 3) I don't believe in coincidences.

Best of luck,

-- Melody (mbc109@york.ac.uk), October 09, 2003.

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