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Anybody here interested in buried treasure? Check out this stuff on the Lost Dutchman mine! It is no wonder the Superstition Mountains inspire such legend, they are really spooky looking. I am so fascinated with old west stories of missing treasure. I recently checked out a book on Oklahoma treasure.

Little bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (littlebit@brightok.net), October 06, 2003


Sorry, I forgot the link.

Lost Dutchman

-- Little Bit Farm (
littlebit@brightok.net), October 06, 2003.

Little Bit, you should see if you can find any information about the legend of Jesse James gold in Devil's Canyon in southwest Oklahoma. Bet you didn't know about that one. :)

-- Tabletop Homestead (tabletophomestead@earhtlink.net), October 06, 2003.

Oh yes, I have! This is kind of an armchair hobby for me! It started when I read a book by the Chastain brothers of Seminole County. I find it very fascinating. This state has many treasure tales, like two lost gold mines in eastern Oklahoma. These mines were known to be used by the indians, and some white men who the indians shared it with. I have spent/wasted a lot of time following up some of this stuff.

Little bit farm

-- Little Bit Farm (littlebit@brighterok.net), October 06, 2003.

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