4 Gourmet vending machines w/programmer - great deal!

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I have four Saeco 7P Plus gourmet coffee vending machines for sale. The 7P Plus features 3 soluble product bins. Popular beverages include espresso, cappuccino, caffè latte, caffè americano (black coffee), mochaccino, hot chocolate, flavored cappuccinos. Outfitted for the vending and OCS market the 7P Plus incorporates our patented brew group and whipper system. The compact footprint of the 7P Plus and push-button simplicity make it the perfect authentic cappuccino machine for any office or vending environment. The 7P Plus also features: -Adjustable burr grinder with 34 settings; Grinds and brews each cup! -3 soluble product bins -Separate whipper chambers and dispensing tubes; no cross-contamination of beverages -Interchangeable door graphic -Internal water tank (with floor cabinet only) or plumbed

Machines come equiped with Coinco coin changers and Coinco bill validators. They are set-up for US currency, but I believe they can be switched to other currencies. They also come with cabinet bases and counter tops so they can be self-contained...five gallon water jugs are included (about 150 cups), or the machines can be plumbed.

The machines come with a hand held programmer that you can you use to control numerous machine functions, and also keeps a running product count per item so bookwork is easy.

I have had these machines for just over a year, but they have had very little use and look brand new. Guaranteed in full working order. I purchased them to start a small side business, but my regular job has changed dramatically so I simply don't have the time to do this. The product dispensed is excellent, these machines should be good money makers.

I paid just shy of $30,000 (US) for this kit just over a year ago. Currently a new machine set-up with this configuration will run about $4,700 a piece (check link): [[LL|http://www.cudacoffee.com/catalog-product.php?p_ref=303]]. The progammer itself sells for $400 (link)[[LL|http://www.cudacoffee.com/catalog-product.php?p_ref=238]].

So current retail on this set-up would be about $20,000+. Will sell all for $10,000 plus shipping. Please e-mail with any questions.


-- David Hansen (hansenin@bellsouth.net), October 06, 2003


Hi, How much would be shipping charge to Toronto, Canada Are there any warranty left? regards, Sergey

-- Sergey Shevtsov (sshevtov@hotmail.com), January 19, 2004.

What kind of coin accepter is in the machines and where are you, Canada or U.S.A.? Are you looking for CAD or USD? Get back to me. Sean.

-- Sean Sananin (sean_sananin@telus.net), February 01, 2004.

I am interested. How much to ship to Nashville, TN?


-- randy rei (randyreid@comcast.net), February 06, 2004.

Do yo still have machines please e-mail.

-- Michael Olund (molund1@comcast.net), February 24, 2004.

Hi!, are you still selling the Saeco 7P +

-- Pepe Mesa (pdurum@yahoo.com), March 29, 2004.

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