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Hello all,

Does anyone know where I can get the wiring diagram for a 2000 MV?

I have downloaded the owner's manual and service manuals, but I may have missed it?

On my Japanese bikes, it is in the service manual, On my Italian bikes, it is in the owner's manual?


-- Ray (rgse@ctaz.com), October 05, 2003


Oh the humanity...

It'll be another 2 weeks before I pick up my shop manual (waiting for me at the far away dealership) at my 600 mile service...

Have just completed the install on my 03 of my prototype fender elimination and rear lighting replacement enhancement kit ......Looks beeeeutiful, me thinks.

Before the project I had to figure out the wiring codes and believe me.. the manual is almost useless... Me and the dealer discovered that the color codes in the small furnished manual AND the shop manual are wrong...God.. I hope I never have electrical probs..

Took the bike to a local BMW guy who has a reputation of being a Mechanical Jedi Knight... we figured out all the rear wiring color codes.. You can check out the REAR wiring codes or download at http://piratesk12site.net/mvwire%7E1.jpg

Will report procedure when I get the details and web page worked out. Bike is now very clean... an ass that Brittany Spears would envy. I now have a multitude of LED'S inside the rear ports... much brighter with additional brakes lights that will flash for 5 seconds then go solid, RED running lights that stay on all the time, and Amber blinkers.. all recessed within the ports... only visible from about 6ft+ from behind...

I have also determined a good hot wire and ground up front if you need to know that.. Again.. do NOT rely on the shop manual.. Looks to us like the wiring harnesses were manufactured by different companies as once they plug in to the next harness... all or most codes change.. nothing consistant... Might work for Stevie Wonder.. Let me know..

-- Pirate (pirate@acelink.net), October 05, 2003.

Thanks for the blinker link, I guess that my alarm guy will have to earn his $$$$ this one time.

I'd like to see the FE when you get some pics posted.

-- Ray (rgse@ctaz.com), October 05, 2003.

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