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If anyone is interested in converting their red/silver mono to a 1+1 contact me. I did mine but never take a passenger anymore. My girlfriend wont ride, and she gets upset if other girls hop on the back.

-- Miguel Bartoli (bartoli@gate.net), October 05, 2003


Tell your girlfriend that you can't help the fact that other girls want to ride on the back. The MV is just one sexy machine and beautiful girls can't help themselves when the see it. I am sure she will understand then. By the way, good luck with doing what you need to do with it.

-- Pete (pistonpete@hotmail.com), October 05, 2003.

Miguel, I'm interested in the 1+1. I tried emailing you but it bounced. Are you looking to trade the 1+1 setup or sell it?

-- JJ (jj@yahoo.com), October 05, 2003.

I had my old e-mail up. I'm interested in trading for a red mono.

-- Miguel Bartoli (bartolim@verizon.net), October 05, 2003.

I have a perfect condition red mono for sale listed on ebay if your interested.

-- Robbie (rpaggen@hotmail.com), October 08, 2003.

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