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One elevator in a building I service is going to be modernized with Kone's newest controller. One guy I work with says it is nothing but problems. Any one out there have any experience with it???

-- A.Y. (, October 04, 2003


Hi THere Kone has a number of new controlers, if it is the KCM 831 control, I think they are great, I have three of them in a building and havent had a call for 4 months and they are in a hotel with full security and all have a nice female voice. Also there are no more service tools needed, and 3 cars will fit in a machine room space of others equipment having only one car.Kone has a proven design of machine room less elevator that has been sold all over the world almost 50,000 units using standard wire rope cable design. Have you seen the other competitors that have rubber belts,traveling cables as drive ropes, friction drive rollers under the car, and now kevlar hoist ropes. Jim

-- jim (, October 04, 2003.

Me thinks jim might work for Kone...Otis' flat belt design is not only revolutionary but much lighter..(you can pick up an entire belt in one hand....try that with conventioal steel)and virtually maintainance free.....although lately have to admit to a few drives going down.

-- dayle (, October 06, 2003.

Hi Dayle I spent some time riding and looking at a Gen2 in China World Elevator Expo in Bejing 2002 and saw that the machine was made in the states and they was a rumor that it also had vibration trouble over 3 stops, is that true, I am curious how the inspectors have treated the new design as far as code acceptance in the US. Jim

-- Jim (, October 07, 2003.

The KMC 831 is a great controller for the hydro or a traction just different drives, there is rarley any problems even from start up witch is making my job much easier because i do work there

-- fxstd (, October 08, 2003.


Is this a proprietary controller? Does it have onboard diagnostics or is Kone the only ones that can work on it?

-- tj (, October 09, 2003.

It is not a proprietary controller.And it does have onboard diagnostics

-- fxstd (, October 10, 2003.

Hi dayle the Gen 2's were a pain in the butt when they first came out. any way how is it in OZ. Hows LH treating you guys believe me there is worst to come good luck?

-- mole (, October 17, 2003.

Hi Mole.

Gen 2s have a few teething probs here too...heaps of them going in, some building contractors are starting to ask about the reliability of them.

LH is what we call... a wanker...and a big one as well.....cutting staff...(mainly on service where its needed)...tells you what u want to hear..then does the opposite.

I sorta heard he had a few problems in your neck of the woods, thats why he was shipped down here.


-- dayle (, October 17, 2003.

The best simple if you have the book !!! this one a keeper until you Otis guys figure it out then well build a new one the Battle continues KCM 1000

-- kmc 831 (, September 17, 2004.

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