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Dear Friend,

Please give me some times look to the following discussion. For which I am seeking any type of help from you.

I am Dipak Adhikari. I escaped along with my parents and two of my sisters Dipali and Sulata. Once upon a time we are very very happy. But we are faces to problems when my fathers work going. {Company (Where my father worked) closed about 5 years}. Now my father is half mad, because my two sister's deases. So near about 3 Lack's lone do my father.

I am wark in a Hotel and my income is: RS. 2000/- Per Month. So I am not understand what can I do now. Because where my father taken lone, they are disturbed me, everyday they come to my house and quarreled with my mother and me. So now my sleep is totally going. All time I think that what I do now.

So I write to you, don't mind, please help me. Please help, if possible. That is important to me......... so I am telling to you, please help. Somebody else might be able to............. Please send this to everyone on your contact list. If you help me with money I am promise to you that I will give you back when I will be stand my family smoothly. You can solve my problem so please think..

My account no. 0281050000074 with HDFC Bank, Raghunathpur Branch. India, West Bengal, kolkata-700059.

My mailing address is: 15/d Geetanjali Apartments. V.I.P.Road, Teghoria, Kolkata-700059 West Bengal, India

I very hope to you........

From the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Best Regards,

Dipak Adhikari.

May God be with you and bless you always

-- Dipak Adhikari (, October 01, 2003

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