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From my dear co-worker, posted with permission. A snapshot in time, if you will. Tell me what you think. I have more.


That's right. Most of us have them. Siblings, I mean. Whether older of younger, or perhaps both, they're there. The interesting thing about siblings is that they can fight amongst themselves but no one else had better try to even touch them.

When we were kids, that's the way it was. However my older brother seemed to get all the breaks. As an example, he had the priveildge of baby sitting me and my younger brother. I remember the first time as if it was yesterday. My mom had left him to look after us while she went to the store. Big mistake.

For most of the day he'd been itching to go out and play with his friends. So, as soon as our mom turned her back, he was out and my younger brother and I were on "lock down" so to speak. We stood there like lost puppies watching him through the screen door while he had fun. Eventually though, we became hungry and things became urgent. We called out to him but he just ignored us. Then, we spotted it. There on the kitchen counter, big as life and more beautiful than anything I'd ever seen was a freshly baked apple pie that our mom had left to cool. Mmmmmmmm. There it was, it was ours. Up onto the chair I went to retrieve the banquet from the counter. My younger brother and I each took possession of a spoon and headed to the living room where hid behind a rocking chair and started the feast. Just as we go to the best part, the crust, we were discovered. There, standing over us like a crazed buzzard, was our older brother. You guessed it, he dived on our butts. I guess he figured that was the thing to do since he knew that's what our mom was going to do to him.

Here I am, decades later, and I can still taste that pie. Though I've eaten many since then, that was the best I've tasted in my entire life.

-- Aunt Bee (, September 30, 2003


Aunt Bee, get your friend to come on over. I've invited the guy who wrote the "foot of the bed" piece, and Helen's either invited someone, or she is about to go mental on us (again).

I often read the old threads from our years back, and we have had a lot of good writing here and on the old y2k forum. It's gotten sorta slow for a while, but we still got ole Robby holding up the flag for us. Since it's coming on to fall, I think some poetry would be in order, and maybe some new stories (or continuations of one's started). Kit and I leave again tomorrow, as this is our busy season, but as my friend says, the road is my muse.

-- Lon (, September 30, 2003.

I beg your pardon? "about to go mental on us ... again" ...? AGAIN? I DID invite someone who is not my own self or any incarnation of my selves. I DID.

Be careful on the road darlings. Call if you get close to the border.

-- helen (, September 30, 2003.

Lon, my friend doesn't currently have internet access and I had to type all of her story out, in order to share. But it was a joy, just to share with you guys, since I am not much of a story teller. Besides, I just rant anyways, or blubber.

For you and Kit on your travel, safe journey friend. You know that we here, will all keep you both in our thoughts and prayers, and await your safe return. Of course, we're all expecting that keep your pen and paper handy on your travel, and put your thoughts to paper, so that when you return, you can share!

You know we will be keeping the home fires lit for you, and await your safe return, after your FABULOUS adventures!

BTW, how long do we have to wait (I am SO selfish!).

And when Helen goes MENTAL, as you describe it, none of us can talk to her because she is such a GENIUS, yeah that's it! Right Helen?

-- Aunt Bee (, October 01, 2003.

er ... let me weigh the pros and cons of a possible confession first ...

-- helen (mental@genius.or.madness?), October 01, 2003.

Interesting coincidence!

My sister just called after six weeks of both of us being very busy!

-- Robert & Jean Cook (, October 02, 2003.



Hmmm. That word is so familiar for some reason....

-- (sonofdusts@favorite.storyever), October 02, 2003.

Siblings have a family resemblance.

Sometimes the resemblance is resembles a lance too.

-- Robert & Jean Cook (, October 05, 2003.

The sweet taste of forbidden fruit... Eve tried it and so have most of us.

Thank you Aunt Bee for typing that up to share with us. I have three sisters... two older and one younger. The tales I could tell! LOL

-- Gayla (, October 06, 2003.

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