I have a project that I need help on.

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Hello, I'm Abby McWilliams. I go to school at Williamsburg Hish School. We have a project that I ywoul to use your help on. The project is to see which rock, limestone or marble, will weather more in Hawaii. I would like to take a few mintues to ask you some questions. What facotrs, in Hawaii would case weathering? Would the rock weather different if they were on a different island? Would the mineral composition be a factor in the weathering? My last question is, what other web sites would you suggest to me? If at all possible, these questions need to be answered by Friday. Thank you for your time and listening to me.

Sincerely, Abby McWilliams

-- Abby McWilliams (kewl_chick69_69@hotmail.com), September 30, 2003

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