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I am writing following my original question in July. Following a letter from Eversheds informing my mum that due to a repossession on a previous property a charge would be placed on her new property unless she settled. Following advice from this site I requested all the necessary papers from Abbey and I sarn'd them too. They sent the paperwork and all seems to be in order.

There are asking for a reduced settlement of 40k+ which my mum cannot afford, she has no savings and works part-time (12 hrs)

What would be her best course of action???

Any help would be appreciated


-- Fal (, September 30, 2003


In my opinion, by far her best option is to sell her current property and move into rental. This assumes Grabbey/Eversheds are within time limits, etc.

Not easy but way better than the alternatives.

In my opinion, this is actually the best option for most homeowners following the last few years of house price rises.

-- Lee (, September 30, 2003.


In your email to me of Tue, 22 Jul 2003 you stated that Abbey were prepared to settle for 20K ?? Why has this doubled ?

Although you say all the paperwork is in order, have you had it checked by a professional ? I would recommend you get legal advice first and get the paperwork checked. You never know they may find something where you haven't. It sounds like your mum would be entitled to legal aid so I would check that out >< See the "Eligibility Calculator" at the bottom left of the index. You might like to try the Mary Ward Legal Centre or the NAMV. Good Luck.


-- M Amos (, September 30, 2003.

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