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Just for information - I recently got fantastic help via a website called USEFUL PAGES UK ( They have a mortgage section with an advert for a company especially for people having problems getting a mortgage and its done without charging ANY FEES WHATSOEVER. They work totally on their commission from whichever lender they offer and in my case, I was being repossessed by Nationwide with just three months arrears. I also had two court judgments and they got me a complete remortgage at 5.2% variable and charged me nothing ! I had two quotes from brokers out of the paper and both tried to charge me fees of 1,500 and 2,500 respectively. The rep was brilliant and totally professional - he even bought us a bottle of wine when it completed. A breath of fresh air and certainly I can recommend them.

-- Jason Price (, September 27, 2003


I would remind people to follow my advice to borrowers (2nd Answer) in past post 'Saved in the nick of time' before entering into any negotiations with ANY mortgage broker.

I did check the above site and couldnt find the name of the broker mentioned?!(Rather alarming and puzzling) The email link passes your message to usefulpages own mail system?

But if everything they claim is true, FANTASTIC!

The advertisement states only normal fees apply so be careful of OVER INFLATED valuation fees or reference fees.

Valuation fees are dependant on lender (unless broker is a mortgage packager - they usually are proud of this and tell you) - if you think overpriced mention on this site and i am sure someone will give opinionl.

Reference fees for local authority are not normally more than 20 and for lenders usually 45 but have one at 65 (NATWEST SHAME ON YOU!)

Call me cynical but if a broker is reliant on the commission they receive from a lender then there will be an even greater risk that you have been placed with a particular lender who is more rewarding to the brokers pocket than the product will be to yours!

BE careful of products quoting low rates on subprime cases, the rate is usually a discounted product for a set period and usually includes redemption overhangs after the discounted period has expired.

-- fairer financial world (, September 28, 2003.

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