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Casoli has a big bore swap. Does any one tried this setup or does anyone have any info. or recom. on this? I cant afford the f4 1000, so I was thinking if this would be an alternative or should I wait and do A 1000c.c swap when the engine comes in for sale?

-- AP (, September 27, 2003


I would steer clear of Casoli products in general. Last I heard the big bore kit blew the engine....

-- Kavin Andi (, September 28, 2003.

casoli`s `blew up` and he has now broken the bike for parts i believe,Apparantly the mapping was not right,if you want to see how far out it was,have a look at under tech reports,he actually mapped one properly for the `manufacturer` who was Superbike Racing in the USA,i dare say he could also supply the chip/injectors as well

-- mike tilston (, September 28, 2003.

I did a big bore kit on my GSXR 750 with no problems. Honestly, unless you absolutely need the extra power, I recommend against the big bore kits for the simple fact that you will spend at least $3k on your engine and if you go to sell your bike you won't see any return on that and it may make it harder to sell to someone. Just my 2 cents

-- Brian Ogle (, September 28, 2003.

So it was not the big bore kit but the electronics that destroyed the engine was it? Shame realy that there was never any real imfo on this conversion it was and is a good idea and i would still consider it it if it was workable.To tell you the truth i have not read many posts from people in faver of the kit, i think this is becourse its not a factory made option, i am also a farrari owner on a farrari chat site and there the same regarding aftermarket engine kits.I am considering leaving a deposit for the f4 1000 but i think i will wait to see the real world BHP before i buy one,becourse the real world bhp is never the same as the factory BHP is it?

-- brandon (, September 28, 2003.

I've never heard of a farrari.

-- Brian Ogle (, September 29, 2003.

I'd lvoe to jion taht farrari culb. Cuold U pealse psot the URL??? Is it olny for day drmaers or can anoyne jion?????!??

-- Kav (, September 29, 2003.


As far as I know, Casoli fitted a 2000 big bore kit to a 2002 motor, the head is very different on the 2002 motor and the valves hit the (big bore) pistons when they fired it up.

If they had used a later big bore kit it should have been OK.

I have spoken to another guy who has a big bore kit from Casoli (the first one he did I think) and he is very happy with it.

The kit is as previously mentioned from Superbike racing in Georgia.

Just my 2 cents :)

Mark Bridger Moto MV

-- Mark Bridger (, September 29, 2003.

i.e. Don't f@Łk around with things you don't know about Casoli.

-- kav (, September 30, 2003.

If you look a few posts down there's a gentleman selling a big bore equipped 02 MV in Florida. You may want to shoot him a quick e-mail about his experiences with the kit. He's quite busy but a very cool individual and I'm sure he'll be glad to give you a first-hands experience with the kit. Superbike Racing, developers of the kit, did the installation.

-- Michel Fortier (, September 30, 2003.

Oh yea sorry about the spelling dudes. Dreaming ey Kas,if any one would like to see a pic of my garage send me mail,especially you Kas, it shows my ferrari with my mvf4 and my 996.So i will leave the dreaming to you. But seeing that i have Ferraris i will leave the dreaming to you KAS!!

-- brandon (, October 02, 2003.

Lesson 1. Don't be drawn into message board banter! People make a lot of assumptions about each other on these boards. Jokes are of course, tongue-in-cheek and how do know I don't drive a 360 Modena (blue). See ya at the next Farrari owner's meet!!!

-- kav (, October 02, 2003.

hi folks, speaking as an mv owner f4s 02 my plan as far as the litre bike is concerned is to be patient and await serious informed reports and while waiting enjoy my 750 which is a brilliant bike. thank you mr castiglioni

-- philip stevenson (, October 07, 2003.

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