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We have, 26, 1985 Dover elevators (20 traction, 6 hydro)with about 165 openings that need restrictors added to meet code. Is there a restrictor available that can be remotely released in a catastrophic situation? Is there a type/ brand that is better than others. Any estimate of time for installation per unit? Work will be done by our elevator contractor. Thanks for any help you can offer

-- randy mcdonnell (, September 24, 2003


Door restrictor

Randy: Dover was bought out by Thyssen-Krup. I suspect you could get all the parts and instructions from them. You might also get a price for installation. You might find it less expensive than your maintenence companies. It is thier equipment after all. Fred

-- Fred Baltes (, September 25, 2003.

Door restrictor installation.

I have a question. Is this a mandatory retrofit, an insurance company issue, or just being prudent? If it is part of the original installation code requirements that these restrictors be installed and functional, why hasn't the service company been called to task as to why they aren't there and functional? Granted, 26 gate restrictors will prevent quite a few lawsuits (boneheads climbing out of cars and falling), but I am a bit curious as to why it is a concern to install them now. In addition to the OEM Dover restrictors (utilizing the spring vane on the car door and the unistrut bolted in the hatch), Adams Elevator also offers something called a "Hatch Latch", which uses reflective tape, retroreflective sensors, and a solenoid on the car gate to lock the door any time it is outside of the reflective tape door zone. I am sure there are others (check elevator world's website), and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

I would still like to hear how this is a code requirement now, though, and not when it was installed. Just like to add to my knowledge.

-- Steve (, September 27, 2003.

adams elevator has a restrictor that works well we use it on our campus called hatch latch

-- gip (, October 02, 2003.

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