When did they make the Hobart 3430?

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Does anybody know the years that Hobart built the 3430 lighted coffee grinders? I bought one at an auction this past weekend and everything works on it. Will look great sitting on the basement bar!! The lighted front panel is SOOOOO cool! Are there any websites dedicated to these monsters?

Thanks for any info!!


-- Scott Littfin (acepilot@bloomer.net), September 23, 2003


Searching the web for info on the Hobart 3430, I found your post. I recently bought a 3430, everything working, for $8.00 at a garage sale. Do you know how much they are worth, and where a good place to advertise would be? Kim

-- Kim Spangrude (kimspangrude@mac.com), January 25, 2004.

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