Lettering for Office Car

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I am trying to get correct lettering font for doing a Southern Railway Office Car. Everything I see has incorrect letter style for the S - T - E and N. I have been unable to locate tracings, or letter masks for the stretched Railroad Roman even after contacting Demp-Nock Co. who did the masks for Southern. They apparently no longer have retained the dies to cut them, or drawings for the letters. Who may have such drawings or reproducable font? I really appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance.

-- Jon C. Nienow (jcnienow@hotmail.com), September 22, 2003


I contacted Advertising and Promotions at Norfolk Southern Corp. asked for permission, and they were kind enough to tell me how to get correct lettering. They were truly excellent to work with.

-- Jon C. Nienow (jcnienow@hotmail.com), October 14, 2003.

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