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Art Bell announced this week that he would return to Coast to Coast AM to host the Saturday and Sunday night shows. Fans are greatful for his return.

-- Wes K (, September 22, 2003


Who ever is responsible for Arts return,I thank with all of my heart. Radio has always been a major part of my life especialy now since Im in broadcasting school at THE OHIO CENTER FOR BROADCASTNG Colorado campus.Thank you Art for being such a great influence.Im glad your back on the air.

-- Christopher Lee Richmond (, October 22, 2003.

Does anybody know what stations and times Coast to Coast AM can be listened too in the Stillwater/Ponca City region of Oklahoma?

-- Wes Kinsler (, March 18, 2004.

Oh boy, I love Art Bell .I love it when he talks about big foot I once had an encounter with big foot,and let me just say he ruined me for all other men!!!

-- Garret Ford (, May 29, 2004.

I like art bell but you can't get coast to coast am in philly PA , they have some infromercal on for 4 hours every weekend that sucks . Please help the people of philly get coast to coast on the weekends and Art Bell

-- dave F (, June 17, 2004.

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