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Settled F&F with Nationwide and Eversheds 3 years ago. Repo in early 96.

Applied for a remortgage with my partner (who owns the house but has lower income) with Nationwide, came back "elete" on mortgage in principle, then after a week asked for details of the repo and why the debt was still outstanding (???). Rang Eversheds they said no reason for this to happen as there was f&F etc.

Chased Nationwide after another week - application rejected - would not give a reason as I had gone through a broker.

Last year I got the experian and equifax files and they were clean. Do I just keep applying or is there better way out, without going to specialist lenders?

I could reapply to experien and equifax but worry that this would further damage my credit scoring, which until recently was, apparently, very good!


-- marne small (, September 22, 2003


Marne, Lenders refer to the register held by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and it is unlikely to be on your credit file. It remains registered for 6 years after which time it is removed. You should have been furnished with a letter from Eversheds stating that the "debt" has been settled. Your CML file should be amended to reflect the account as being settled.

It is not wise to allow repeated credit checks upon you as too many alarms creditors. It is best to resolve the main issue first.

Maybe you could send a subject access rights notice to the CML to see what data they hold on you in relation to the previous mortgage. It's a starting point. Hope this helps Lexie

-- Lexie (, September 22, 2003.

I have searched this site - has anyone the details of getting a SAR from CMl?

Thanks Lexie

-- marne small (, September 22, 2003.

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