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I figure at the least it would be in the $30K range like the 999R, or in the $40K range like the Oro. Any idea when they'll go on sale?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Az) (, September 21, 2003


On the Yahoo MV discussion forum, one of the fellows went to the Milano show, and posted that the Tamburini model was currently priced at 39000 Euros. The basic model was 21000 Euros, and the Mamba had several price points around 25000 Euros and 28000 Euros. I think the Euro is roughly the same as a US dollar. They are all 2004 models, and I haven't read anything about when they will become available.

-- Tom Lyons (, September 21, 2003.

Over at Det Ansinn's web log ( he's saying that the US will not get the 750 F4S in '04, only the 1000 F4S and F4S 1+1, and he's saying that the F4S 1000 will be prices the same as the current 750. Don't know where he got the info from, but that's rather interesting to me.

By the way, what's the MSRP on the Brutale? I don't see it on any of the sites or dealer sites.


-- Josh Armantrout (, September 22, 2003.

Yes, one small correction to my above post. It seems that the standard 1000 model will be at 17000 Euros, according to the latest report I've seen from the Milano show. I've also seen a report that it will be available in traditional Red/Silver paint scheme as well as the new Yellow/Silver and Blue/Silver ones.

The other things that I've read in the reports are that the 1000 has a catalytic converter in the exhaust, a quick change rear sprocket system so you don't have to remove the hub nut, a special engine modulation valve to eliminate clutch shudder, the adjustable footpegs, some kind of change to the handlebars to reduce "thumb pinch", and of course, the 166hp in the standard model, and 172.8hp in the Tamburini. Also, the 1000 sports a 180 rear tire, and not a 190.

I really love the Tamburini, but can't afford $40k. I think that a standard 1000 in Red/Silver would do the job for me quite nicely.

A report I read stated that new bikes would arrive in Britain by February 2004, so they will likely arrive here in the US around a similar time. I had decided to wait for spring to buy my new bike anyway, and had planned on spending $18k for a new 750, but it looks like I'll now take a 1000 for the same price.

There is also an unconfirmed report that the 750 F4 will not be imported in the 2004 line-up. Unconfirmed report.

I think this is all very exciting! I feel sure that MV will now regain its rightful seat atop the performance and racing world. Ago! Ago!

-- Tom Lyons (, September 22, 2003.

Hmm. This could cause some serious resale issues if the F4 Mille will sell at the same price the current F4S. That doesn't really make sense, unless they plan on droping the price of the 750 to around $15K. I still think $18K for the F4S and $21K for the Mille is reasonable.

Also, I do love the Tamburini model but $40K is more than I'd willing to commit for a motorcycle, which at that price would probably never leave the living room.

I would be interested in a F4 Mille if they offerred it in the standard red/silver colors.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, September 22, 2003.

I just did the conversion, 21000 Euros is about $24000.

-- Brian Ogle (, September 22, 2003.

Also, I just did some calculations and the standard model would have 141 hp at the rear wheel. More than enough for any use of the bike but kinda disappointing after hearing that it would be the most powerful liter bike available.

-- Brian Ogle (, September 23, 2003.

Ok, I don't see anyone actually beating the MV1000. First, the Tamburini has 172.8 hp, or about 173. The closest thing to that is the new Yamaha R1 which claims 172. As we all know, the Japanese bikes are quite optimistic in their hp ratings. Even if it is right, it is not more powerful than the Tamburini. But close. One might say that the R1 is lighter, but then I'd say the Tamburini is only about 15 pounds heavier, and the F4 handles better than the R1. One might say the F41000 is alot more expensive than the R1. True, but it is an Italian thouroughbred, and not a mass market machine. A Viper is faster in a straight line than many Ferraris, but a Viper will never be a Ferrari.

So, in my mind, the MV 1000 has done what it claimed it would do. It is the most powerful liter bike. All the other liter bikes are subject to the same hp downrating at the rear wheel as the MV, so while some may not be totally enamored with this figure, it is still higher than anybody else. And remember, this is the first version out of the box. The Japanese have had several years to make revisions and upgrades on their 1000cc powerplants, and I'm sure that the MV will also do this in the coming years. There is alot more that the radial valve 1000 motor can give.

In any event, the total package is fully competitive with anything out of Japan, or anywhere else for that matter. It is not down on power by 10-15hp like all Italian bikes have been for the last 25 years. Yes, it costs more. And you get more. You get an MV. You get a legend, and one that is not resting on its historical laurels of days gone by.

-- Tom Lyons (, September 23, 2003.

I was thinking for some reason that the GSXR 1000 was the most powerful liter bike available now with some 145-150 hp at the rear wheel. Regardless, as I said, 141 is more than anyone could realistically use on the street. My 750 superbike has a little over 130 at the wheel and it is a handful. Anyone put a deposit on the 1000 yet?

-- Brian Ogle (, September 24, 2003.

word from the factory is that in january they will be building the ago and HOPE to START production of the 1000's in february though this is very optimistic. even if they do, i cannot see bikes being available to the states much before the summer. they have a massive back log of orders for the brutale so if they are producing 1000's i do not think they have the capacity to produce 750's at the same time, so there can be none to send to the states.

-- simon (, October 02, 2003.

Does anyone know what semi-handlebars are? Will it even be possible to buy a tamburini edition?

-- john (, October 06, 2003.

here are the most up to date prices that I am aware of. All are in Euros

Brutale - 14,700 Brutale Oro - 32,000 F4 MT - 39,000 Tamburini - 36,999 F4 SPR - 26,000 F4 1000S - 18,700

I just cut a deal for an F4 1000s and picked it up for 15,000 :)

-- bill (, October 27, 2003.

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