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i'm seling my 02 f4 1+1 red & silver,has reconstructed tite,4500 miles all new plastics,runs and drives perfect,ferracci pipes,carbon fiber front fender,rear tire hugger,heall guards,air box covers,quick change rear hub and sprocket. $13500obo 617-908-1279

-- hubert kozlowski (mvhk@verizon.net), September 21, 2003


Where are you from??? Do you have any picture???

-- sferra francesco (sferra@virgilio.it), September 22, 2003.

i'm from boston ma, i'can get pictures if you want

-- hubert kozlowski (mvhk@verizon.net), September 24, 2003.

Reason of selling? Has it been down, why does it has new plastics?

-- S. Promreuk (promreuk@yahoo.com), September 26, 2003.

in New York you can buy a brand new 2002 for $ 15000

-- Agron (agronbeselica@hotmail.com), September 29, 2003.

you shore can buy one, but not with all the extras and sales tax for 15k

-- hubert kozlowski (mvhk@verizon.net), September 29, 2003.

which dealer in NY do you find a new F4 for 15K, I want 1.

-- (promreuk@yahoo.com), October 05, 2003.

"reconstructed tite" Thats says all Salvage Rebuild

-- Agron (Agronbeselica@hotmail.com), December 02, 2003.

so what is that supposed to mean? if i did not mention the title you would not know by looking at it

-- hubert kozlowski (mvhk@verizon.net), December 02, 2003.

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