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Does anyone out there know of a 14' Whitehall Spirit for sale? I am new to rowing and not knowing how often I will be able to use it...I can't justify the expense of a new one...

I was also checking out the ghboats the interior finished on this boats or is it the speakle finish seen in workboats?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



-- Nick Pistolakis (, September 21, 2003


First sometimes Dave at Gig Harbor boats has a used whitehall on consignment. So you should email him and ask. I have also seen an occasional one for sale in the Seattle Times but none recently.

Second the interior of the Gig Harbor boat has a smooth finish. But it's not two shells bonded at the middle, which would give you two super smooth finishes, but rather the last layer of glass with a colored resin in it. (gray usually). Then I think its been either sanded or smoothed as there aren't a lot of rough bumps in it. The seats of course have the smooth finish that comes from being next to the mold. In either case its smoother than the work boats I have seen. But I'm not sure which boat you are comparing it too.

Third, if you live close enough to Gig Harbor its worth a trip to the boat shop to take a look.

Fourth, before you even say "14 ft whitehall" you need to answer the what am I going to do with this boat question. Who is riding, where am I going, mm I going to race it (open water rowing), fish, do I need the sailing option etc. It's not that this isn't a nice size boat, but there are a lot of options. -Gary-

-- Gary Powell (, September 22, 2003.

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