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what is the maximum permessible difference in distant between :

1- the distant between the guide of the car and the guide of the counterweight

2- the diameter of the sheave of the traction machine

-- Fadi Raslan (, September 21, 2003


Hope this helps.

1. You are only required to have certain clearances between car and hoistway, car and counterweight etc. I don't think there is a max distance set out in code anywhere, assuming the counterweight is in the same hoistway, and that you are using ASME code.

2 You are probably looking for 40 times the hoistrope diameter.

-- Dan (, January 16, 2004.

apart from the OTIS GEN2 which sheave diameter is about 6 inches due to the flat belts used instead of outdated steel cables

-- dayle (, January 17, 2004.

according to the big o the new flat ropes maintain the 40x diameter, and this makes them legal.

Have a piece around here somewhere.

-- Dan (, January 31, 2004.

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