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Any one out there have knowlegde of Cory Vacuum coffee pots.I have dtl top and dtu bottom and a deo heating tray it appears,it has not been used,very clean however, I have no cord,where does that place the value of this pot?

-- kimberly kay (, September 19, 2003


I'm sorry I don't have an answer to your question but maybe you have one for me. I happened top drop my Cory Glass Rod and broke it. You said you have parts and I sure would like to buy this glass rod from you if you have it. The pot is a model ACB-3. Can you please help me out? Thank You, Art............

-- Art Gregory (, November 28, 2003.

I have a Cory model AOB-2 and need a glass filter rod for this. Does anyone know where I can locate one?

-- Larry Hoaglan (, November 30, 2003.

check you ebay you can find all rods and parts for cory

-- debbie (, February 14, 2004.

I have a cory glass filter rod U.S. Pat. des.114097 still in box E- Mail me if you can use it

-- caseyholman (, April 28, 2004.

I need Cory coffee brewer part number dru.

-- arlinda johnson (, July 10, 2004.

I need a handle for a Cory stainless steel vacuum coffee pot. Any ideas where I might locate one?

-- Charlie Levell (, October 13, 2004.

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