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Well I finally received a response from B&B, strangely enough on day 40 after serving the SARN ( strange that as I am currently having them investigated by the I.C). What is even more strange is what has happened to all my paperwork - apart from 3 copies of the mortgage appication form I have received 24 pages refrring to a repossession which goes back to 1993 - and even more strange apart from the mortgage application nothing prior to 1999. So have they panicked because they have the IC on their back and just basically sent what they could quickly lay their hands on??? Also, according to our mortgage statement, after the MIG payout of 27000, our balance is 1p. However they claim we owe 43000 including the MIG but nothing whatsoever to back this up. Also interesting we were repossessed February 1994, by April 1994 the house had been sold and monies received for it, quick eh!! maybe it was sold at a 'bargain price' but again nothing whatsoever to back this up. Oh yes, also stated on the B&B covering letter, and I quote "I would advise that there is other information held about you, however under schedule 7, Chapter 29 of the Data Protection Act 1998, this is subject to Legal Professional privevege, and is held by Drydens Solicitors." mmmm interesting. Another letter is already winging it's way to the IC. I would love to see them take me to court on the evidence they have - it's a joke.

-- Julie (, September 19, 2003


See the story towards the bottom of the following page:

The last I heard, Bradford & Bingley was sueing Hays in the High court, but I don't know what the status of that case is. Hays probably settled but that's my speculation based on being told that nine out of ten court cases get settled rather than wind their way to completion.

-- Lee (, September 19, 2003.


Just thought I would point out the last posting by ffw under "Information Commissioner - Drydens and Bradford and Bingley" dated June 30th 2003 re the legal privilege bit.


-- M Amos (, September 19, 2003.

B & B are well known for using "bent" enquiry agents who are as bent as the debt recovery depatment of the Bradford & Bingley so they probably dont have a true grasp on reality

-- andrwebarclay (, December 16, 2003.

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