We broke out the blanket briggade today.

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Well once again today we were faced with a porker on the loose. Kenneth decided he was going to try and catch the pig with a blanket. We soon discovered a blanket was a fine herding tool for a pig. I had my other son Matt run and bring out two more. So we were outside all walking around with blanket shields. Miss Trankie(the pig- Tranquilious Lardum, which means "peaceful bacon") decided that all the humans on the property had gone plum crazy and headed for her pen. Incidentally while we were in the process of this vistorious chase a good friend drove by and honked. I wonder what she thought we were all doing out there. I'm sure there will be wondering just what kind of hobbies we have. I would be interested to know just what kind of things you guys have had to do to catch wayward animals. And please do not tell me that you walk up and grab them by the collar and lead them into the pen!

Little Bit Farm

Little bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (littlebit@brightok.net), September 18, 2003

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