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Hello: I am looking for some good books that I could read related to developing good piano technique.

I still think of myself as a beginner, only been playing for about 2 years, but I want to try to learn to play correctly. I am tring to produce good tone, stay relaxed while I play, smoothness when I should be smooth etc. etc. etc.

Any recomendations for books that have helped you would be of interest. Please note that I am a real study nut, so don't be worried about suggesting books that are technical or hard to read, no problem for me. Just want some more input other than my instructor, although I will start with her suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


-- freddie (, September 18, 2003


"The Great Pianists" by Harold Schonberg is about famous pianists, their technique and performances. I don't know that it helped me improve my own technique, but it was great reading! I read a lot of the book by Gyorgy Sandor, sorry I don't remember what its' called, but it is about piano technique. I prefer watching demonstrations to reading about technique, but he did have a lot of interesting ideas. Also, Seymour Bernstein has written about technique, and Barbara Lister-Sink has a video called "Freeing the Caged Bird" you might find interesting.

-- anon1 (, October 24, 2003.

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