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There's a N scale flexi van model coming in kit form. I am trying to help the guys with some information, specifically photos or info related to the Seaboard's three flexi van cars.

There were two types of cars, with the Strick ones (Mark I and II) being loaded on a pivot that the container was pushed onto until it was (approximately) centered on the pivot, then rotated into position. The Greenville cars (Mark III and IV) had the trailers loaded on the turntable at the end of the cars, with the pivot point at the ends of the trailer. The containers were then pivoted into location using the tractor. The container was secured at the forward end of the car as well as on the pivot. Correct so far?

As best as I can tell from my reading, Seaboard 1,2, and 3 were built by Greenville.

The N scale model being is of a Strick center pivot car (I think it is a Mark II), so if the Seaboard cars were Greenville they would not be candidates for this model. However, I haven't been able to locate any photos anywhere to verify this and was wondering if anyone out there has any of the cars in service. They're not in toe color guide or any of the Seaboard reading material in my home library.

I remember the discussion that we had earlier on the trailers and trailer markings (which also produced no photos), but I donít recall ever getting to any information on the color of the cars, the lettering, or the manufacturer. I am operating off a compilation of info from a couple of lists.

So: Anybody got any photos they can either post or sell me a copy of? Anybody have any remembrances of the cars in service? I recall Unkie Joe mentioning that he saw them being loaded and unloaded at Tampa when they were in mail service.

Any help appreciated,

jose cabanillas

-- Jose Cabanillas (, September 18, 2003


I know at least one survived into SCL,but it was rebuilt into a car to carry caboose trucks.

-- Joseph Oates (, September 22, 2003.

Does anyone know if they survived until SCL days, and did they get repainted if they did?


-- Jose Cabanillas (, September 22, 2003.

All SAL flexi-vans were Mark 3.Two were built in 1962 and one in 63 or 64.They were all aluminum,except the black trucks,with red lettering.Sorry,but the model won't work for Seaboard.

-- Joseph Oates (, September 18, 2003.

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