urgent advice needed!

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Its not a mortgage prob so forgive me but thought somebody here might be able to help me. Took out a top up loan from welcome finance recently for 800 but they gave me a cheque for 1700. I queried this with them over the phone and they explained they took out a loan to clear my other loan and totally baffled me but then said everything was right. I have since spent the money. they have now contact me demanding the money back. I can't pay it. They say I have commited fraud and state they will be contacting the police.Help!

-- sarah jones (sarah.rich@cwctv.net), September 18, 2003


Panic over got some advice from simon wiggins.thanks simon.

-- sarah jones (sarah.rich@cwctv.net), September 18, 2003.

Oh dear. My step-daughter worked for Welcome Finance. She left as she hated the way people were being screwed with high interest on small amounts. The part she really hated was having to visit people to collect money. When they couldn't pay, they just lent more money.

-- Cy Nickel (no-one@nowhere.com), September 19, 2003.

oh great. I pay mine d/d so at leas they are not on my door

-- sarah jones (sarah.rich@cwctv.net), September 19, 2003.

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