would you be interested in putting out some hisorical music from 1895 - 1907 jazz and blues ?

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from my summery line , what i'm sayin is , yo! i got some history that needs to be put in the world in a good way , and as a traveler of multitudes of time space , if i have my choice of labels to work with in this venture , i would be honored to have you work with me on this. see i'm a simple artist myself , but when this presented iself to me , well this is more important than anything i can do at this time , just ta give ya a little taste of time , " The Cotton Pickers Ball " by the MARIMBAPHONE BAND try 1901 or maybe " Voices of the Woods " by ELSIE BAKER try 1901 or mybe the ART HICKMANS ORCHESTRA with " Honey Moon Home " well 1906 there's way more some stuff i would'nt even mention on these frequencies so hit me up if your interested. that's whrime@yahoo.com peace

-- ordell cordova (whrime@yahoo.com), September 16, 2003

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