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Being chased by Halliwell Landau for a debt with Lloyds TSB which was defaulted on back in April 1991 - I'm about to serve a SARN. On the SARN template it says to supply the addresses I've lived in over the last six years. I want to check: Do I need to supply this information or can I still serve the SARN without it? If I supply addresses only going back six years does this mean they will only send info relating to that period, therefore if I want all the info they hold (going back approx 12 years), do I need to supply addresses over 12 years?


-- Jesse Harris (, September 16, 2003


If you want to find out what they hold from 12 years ago, then you need to give addresses back to that date. Whatever they might like you to believe, they don't really have magic powers allowing them to just know stuff like that;-)

-- Melody (, September 17, 2003.

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