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Does the film version of "I Spit on Your Graves" still exist? I know it's said to be terrible, but I'm fascinated by the odd history of the novel. Also Marc Lapprand mentions that there are two other "Vernon Sullivan" novels in his introduction to "I Spit on Your Graves". Was this part of the ruse or do they actually exist?

-- vincent prichard (, September 15, 2003


Just wanted to say I already found the answer to the second part of my question in the bibliography.

-- vincent (, September 15, 2003.

The film does exist, but seems to be hidden! I would love to organize a Boris Vian film festival. Besides I Spit on Your Graves , there is also a film version of L'Ecume des jours. I have seen the stils from this film and it looks promising.

-- Tosh Berman (, June 26, 2004.

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