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1.I want to know if there is a raaga like 'gurjari todi'. because in one of the kirthanaas, raaga is given as gurjari todi. Gurjari is a janya raaga of 15 right! So is this a different raaga then.

2. Also when listening to the song in the cassette,the person has sung the raaga 'gurjari todi' which sounds like the raaga 'subha bhanduvaraali' WITHOUT PANCHAMAM.

It will be very useful if you can clear me the doubt and give details regarding the question iam sending.

-- Srividhya Ganesh (, September 15, 2003


There is no raga in Karnatak music named gurjari tODi. It is a hindustani rAgA with pancama omitted in both ArOha and avarOha. The closest raga to this, in Karnatak music, is shEkharacandrikA (mELA 45-shubhapantuvarALi) which uses SRGMNDNS/SNDMGRS as its scale and there are 2 ragas that use SRGMDNS/SNDMGRS as the scale- nAmaprabhA and shubALi.

-- Lakshman (, September 15, 2003.

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