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Hi i am 25 years ola and currently in the process of transfering to Berklee College Of Music in Boston. I am going to major in composition but the instrument that i am going to be studying at the school is piano. I have only been playing piano for four years. Just starting to learn the Bach Inventions, and Chopin. The problem is that some of the people at Berklee said that i should play a difficult peice before i attend but they didn't exactly say what i should play. I want to play moonlight sonata by beethoven but a lot of people say that might be to easy. They also said i should learn an etude as well. Basically i just want any suggestions on what peices i should be learning before i attend Berklee.

-- Greg Houston (, September 14, 2003


i am able to answer your question for you easily. I attended berklee college 14 years ago, and the performance i played was beethovens piano sonato no 1. This piece seemed to provide me with an entrance to the college, and its a piece that is not to difficult tp play.

-- jamesf atzenisky (, September 23, 2003.

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